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I'm Jonathan Washington and I work on Turkic-language morphological transducers. I'm also involved in work on Mongolic languages.


[edit] Apertium projects I'm involved in

[edit] Stand-alone transducers

project language stems coverage contribution
apertium-kir Kyrgyz 13,981 ~90.4% developed almost entirety of morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-kaz Kazakh 36161 ~94.5% developed much of morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-tat Tatar 54736 ~91% helped develop morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-bak Bashqort 2,526 ~66% helped develop morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-tyv Tuvan 11,695 ~92.7% developed most of morphophonology
apertium-chv Chuvash 10,267 ~85% helping develop morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-kum Qumuq 4,918 ~90.2% helping develop morphophonology and add stems
apertium-sah Sakha 4,070 ~73% helping develop morphophonology
apertium-nog Noğay 1,385 ~81.4% helping develop morphophonology
apertium-kaa Qaraqalpaq 5,757 ~81.4% helping develop morphophonology
apertium-uig Uyğur 17,585 ~54.2% developing morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-tuk Turkmen 2,988 ~70.7% helped develop morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-khk Halh 441 ~50.6% working on morphotactics and morphophonology
apertium-bua Buryat 217 ~34.8% began morphotactics, morphophonology, and lexicon
apertium-alt Altay 203 ~52.68% most of it
apertium-sjo Sibe 52 began morphotactics, morphophonology, and lexicon

[edit] MT pairs

project languages stems coverage contribution
apertium-tur-kir Turkish-Kyrgyz oversaw development
apertium-kaz-tat Kazakh-Tatar ~88.7%, ~87% oversaw development
apertium-kaz-kir Kazakh-Kyrgyz ~87.3%, ~85.8%
apertium-khk-kaz Khalkha-Kazakh personal project
apertium-uzb-kir Uzbek-Kyrgyz personal project
apertium-bua-khk Buryat-Khalkha personal project
apertium-kaz-kaa Kazakh-Qaraqalpaq oversaw development
apertium-kaa-uzb Qaraqalpaq-Uzbek a pair I'd like to see

I consider khk-kaz, uzb-kir, and kaa-uzb to be pairs that are particularly socially and politically important.

[edit] Other mediawiki userpages

See my userpage on firespeaker wiki or my userpage on wikipedia.

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