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[edit] Current status

  • Number of stems: 4,918
  • Disambiguation rules: 6
  • Coverage: ~90.2%

kumukia 314K ~88.87%
adabiyat 54K ~86.92%
yoldash 287K ~91.25%
nt 154K ~92.77%
genesis 28K ~91.26%

[edit] Todo

  • Numerals with -ер:
    • 100-ер, 200-ер,
  • Numerals with double px:
    • 10-суна, 24-сю, 30-уна, 4-сю, 673-сю, 821-сине
  • Misc numerals:
    • 10-нар, 250-и
  • Limit num.coll to 1-7
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