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Mentorship for Google Code-In 2012. All tasks (? Requires login?)


Synonyms: ca: tel·luri = tel·lur es: wolframio = volframio = tungsteno


  • Language pairs:
    • Assess data in pairs (missing stuff): Vocabulary, ...
    • Add data in pairs
    • Propose new pairs
  • Scripts:
    • See stats
    • Assess pairs
    • Add words

Submitted tasks[edit]

tba: to be approved nc: not claimed tbr: to be reviewed i: task completed but to integrate in Apertium ok: finished with succes + work integrated in Apertium

Not claimed

  1. i. File uploaded. Needed to be appended to bidix en-ca Adding to bidix en-ca Missing chemical elements
  2. Same for es-ca
  3. Catalogue Amazigh ressources
  4. Catalogue Dutch ressources
  5. Catalogue ressources for Nahuatl


  1. Missing chemical elements in en-es
  2. Missing chemical elements in es-ca

Results on the wiki[edit]