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Language pairs by country

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List of language pairs by country where one of the languages is spoken. An asterisk (*) denotes unreleased pair.

[edit] Africa

[edit] South Africa

[edit] North America

[edit] South America

[edit] Asia

[edit] Bangladesh

[edit] India

[edit] Iran

[edit] Tajikistan

[edit] Europe

[edit] Albania

[edit] Armenia

[edit] Austria

[edit] Azerbaijan

[edit] Belarus

[edit] Belgium

[edit] Bosnia

[edit] Bulgaria

[edit] Croatia

[edit] Czech Republic

[edit] Denmark

[edit] Estonia

[edit] Finland

[edit] France

[edit] Georgia

[edit] Germany

[edit] Greece

[edit] Hungary

[edit] Iceland

[edit] Ireland

[edit] Italy

[edit] Latvia

[edit] Lithuania

[edit] Macedonia

[edit] Malta

[edit] Montenegro

[edit] Netherlands

[edit] Norway

[edit] Poland

[edit] Portugal

[edit] Romania

[edit] Russia

[edit] Serbia

[edit] Slovakia

[edit] Slovenia

[edit] Spain

[edit] Sweden

[edit] Turkey

[edit] Ukraine

[edit] United Kingdom

[edit] Oceania

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