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Iranian Persian and Tajik

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[edit] Ambiguity

رأی دهند
rāi dahand
= овоздиҳанда (noun)
= овоз диҳанд (verb) ← from овоз додан

[edit] Izofa

One of the problems for which a rule will need to be written is to fix the representation of izofa (-и). In Iranian Persian often the izofa (or ezāfe) is not written, however in Tajik it is always written. This can be achieved by means of a number of transfer rules. We can probably generate these rules by enumerating a large number of possible combinations of noun phrases and then just adding the izofa.

[edit] Conjunctions

There is an enclitic -у, "and" in Tajik, this will probably be written as ZWNJ+و in Perso-Arabic. The form in Tajik can change after a vowel to -ю or -ву but all should be translated ZWNJ+و or Space+و in Persian.

[edit] Other discussions

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