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** [[Questions fréquentes]]
** [[Questions fréquentes]]
===Introductions to Modules===
====Introductions to Modules====
* [[Monodix basics]] — a basic step-by-step explanation to morphological dictionaries
* [[Monodix basics]] — a basic step-by-step explanation to morphological dictionaries
** [[Diccionariu morfolóxicu‎]]
** [[Diccionariu morfolóxicu‎]]

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Overwhelmingly also applies to Apertium 3.0, except statements about non-Unicode support. Also, the older SLR/SRL method for lexical selection/disambiguation is covered, but this is now replaced by the Lexical selection module.
  • Publications — Conference and journal articles published about Apertium.

Undocumented Features


Apertium in 5 slides

Short presentations prepared by GCI students.

Entry Test for Apertium

Test how well you know Apertium in this quiz! Are you knowledgeable enough about Apertium to be a stellar developer/GCI/GSoC student?

GsoC / GCI students

Creating a new pair

Contributing to an existing pair

How it works

Introductions to Modules

Not used often now,

See also the Workflow reference


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