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About me[edit]

I am Aleš Horvat, currently studying computer science at Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, University of Primorska, Slovenia. I am planning to complete my bachelor thesis in this year.

Contact info: Send me an email | or find me on | IRC nick: Shraier

Programming skills[edit]

  • Web development (PHP, CSS, MySQL, Javascript, jquery/ajax)
  • Windows Phone 7 platform development (C#, Silverlight, XNA)
  • Other languages: Java, C, ML, Python, ...

Apertium project[edit]

I am working on the implementation of the Slovene-Spanish language pair (Google Summer of Code 2011).

GSoC 2012: Coding challenge link: Here

GSoC 2012 Proposals:
- Apertium sl-it - Here
- Apertium sl-sh - Here

To-DO list[edit]

- Script to sort paradigm elements
- A complete recheck of slo monodix
- Generate sl-es bilingual dictionary
- Manual correction of words needed to translate the article for the "Midterm evaluation"
- Manual revision of the bilingual dictionary
- Verbs - perf/imperf differences
- Add perf/imperf tags to SL lemmas in the bidix - write a script
- Translate "Glagolnike" in the appropriate form
- Fix the sl-es tagger
- Add missing lemmas to ES monodix
- After the bidix generation find additional secondary/so on translations for each lemma
- Additional work on sl-es transfer rules


Reports about my work can be found here: Reports