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I've spread things out a bit to account for the fact that GSoC is shorter than usual this year.

Phase 1[edit]

Week 1[edit]

Set up development environment

Week 2[edit]

Get familiar with Apertium

Week 3[edit]

Download Tensorflow

Week 4[edit]

Wait for Tensorflow to finish compiling

Deliverable 1[edit]

Fully compiled Tensorflow executable

Phase 2[edit]

Week 5[edit]

Look for English-Hindi parallel text

Week 6[edit]

Find web-scraping tools and learn to use them

Week 7[edit]

Scrape corpus

Week 8[edit]

Clean corpus

Deliverable 2[edit]

Fully pre-processed training corpus for English-Hindi

Phase 3[edit]

Week 9[edit]

Set up training model

Week 10[edit]

Wait for model to finish training

Week 11[edit]

Evaluate model

Week 12[edit]

Buffer week in case training takes longer than expected

Deliverable 3[edit]

Fully trained English-Hindi translation system