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  1. Check words in corpus which are analysed, but then have an apostrophe and unknown word after (e.g. case ending) ... perhaps they need to be added as proper nouns. e.g. Okyanusu'nun


  1. Add consonant harmony |--| Azerbaijani, beside having double vowel harmony like turkish, has consonant harmony. Q/K (as well as their devoiced version ğ/y) change according to the precedent vowel.
  2. Add final t voicing in d ex. getmək geDirəm
  3. Remove 040-exception_ben.fst |--| Unlike turkish, azerbaijani doesn't have irregular dative for men and sen (personal pronouns).
  4. Disambiguation sucks big time: I don't know why it doesn't take içerler as <v><t_aor><3pp> but as a noun. Need to fix ASAP
  5. Fix punctuation
  6. Subcategorise proper names as far as possible
  7. Interrogative mi
  8. Add da/de cnjcoo as d<A>, since it follows vowel harmony
  9. remove apostrophe from case endings after propernames etc.


  • add proper support for compound numerals in the bidix
  • write up test cases on the wiki
  • find a girlfriend for the boss
  • the corpus is here, you'll need to clean it.
  • make a script to trim the trmorph lexicon to the bidix... we don't want to analyse anything more than we can translate !
    • Improve the trimming script(s)
  • FIX: yemek <v> does weird thing with the vowel
  • write disambiguation rules
  • Subcategorise proper names as far as possible: One way of doing this would be with Wikipedia -- at least for toponyms.


  • ^<3s><dir>$ → midir/mudur/müdür/mıdır
  • ^Ye<v><pass><t_cont><3s>$ → Yeniliyor/Yeniyor
  • ^ye<v><t_imp><2s>$ → ye/yesənə
  • ^ölç<v><pass><abil><neg><t_aor><3s>$ → ölçüləbilmir/ölçüləmir
  • ^bir<num><D_sAr><adv>$ → bir'ər/birər

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  • Vügar Sultanzade (????) Turkish - Azerbaijani Dictionary of Interlingual Homonyms and Paronyms