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In order to download the application, open terminal and type the following command:

svn co https://apertium.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/apertium/branches/gsoc2010/skh/multiword-reorder 

Then wait a few moments and the application should be downloaded to your present working directory (for ex. "~/multiword-reorder")


First, navigate to the folder to which multiword-reorder has just been downloaded:

cd </path to folder>

Before you build the program you will have to configure it first. Use:

sh autogen.sh

In order to run this successfully, couple of libraries needs to be installed in the system. This includes liblttoolbox3-dev, pkg-config libxml2-dev, g++ and automake. Make sure you have these libraries installed - else the process might not complete. You can install these libraries by typing

sudo apt-get install [name of the library]

After this runs without errors we can move into building the binary, executable program from the source code. This is done by running the make command:


Remember that "make" uses the Makefile.am for building the program. Otherwise it doesn't know what to do. This is why it's important to run the "sh autogen.sh" successfully (or generate the Makefile some other way).

Now it's time to install the program. When doing this you must be root. Do it by executing following command:

sudo make install

When this finishes, you will have the software installed and ready to run!

Multidix reordering file[edit]

how to write a multidix reordering file


First you need to download and install the pipeline. How to do that see here: http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Minimal_installation_from_SVN

If you have any problems with installing it you should see: http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Installation_Troubleshooting

how to use the program in a translation pipeline

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