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All Persian verbs have a simple part inside that has tense and conjugates.

  • To be
    • Past tense: "budan"
    • Present tense: "baashidan"/"hastan"/"astan" [1]
    • Conjucation of "to be" verbs is the same as the other verbs.
  • Important notes about verbs:
    • All verbs have two radicals (one for past and one for present)
    • The singular 3rd person for past tense with a trailing /ن/ is the lemma that can be looked up in dictionary
    • Impretive form of a verb is : /ب/ + present radical
    • Present form is hardly ever used without /ب/ or /می/
    • Adding ان to radical of some of the verbs makes them transitive or (double transitive)[2]

Past tense[edit]

Present tense[edit]

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  1. none of those forms are used in that form and "budan" is used as the noun inspite of them but hastan & astan makes verbs for present tense and "bashidan" rarely does however it is recommended to avoid it.
  2. check if double transitive is a correct expression. I mean changing transitive verb like eat to feed.