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Getting bilingual dictionaries from OmegaWiki

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You can use the apertium-dixtools script (crossdics package) to get cheap bilingual dictionaries from any language pair available in OmegaWiki database.

Some steps before running the script:

  1. download the latest version of lexical data from the OmegaWiki database (see also [1]).
  2. install it locally in your computer (some detailed instructions in www.omegawiki.org/Development)
    • the database must be named omegawiki
    • a user omegawiki with no password should have access to the database.
  3. Run the following script!
$ apertium-dixtools get-bil-omegawiki <sl> <tl> <apertium-sl-tl.dix>
  • sl: source language.
  • tl: target language.
  • apertium-sl-tl.dix: resulting bilingual dictionary.

Some examples[edit]

Some random examples:

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