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These symbols override anything from List_of_symbols


Symbol Gloss Numeric value Notes
n Noun 0
np Proper noun 1
vblex Standard verb 2
adj Adjective 3
adv Adverb 4
det Determiner 5
prn Pronoun 6
pst Postposition 7
ij Interjection 8
cnjcoo Co-ordinating Conjunction 9
cnjsum Sub-ordinating Conjunction 10, a
num Numeral 11,b


Pronoun Subcategory[edit]

Symbol Gloss Notes
Prpers Personal Pronoun (use in the lemma field)
dem Demonstrative Pronoun
rec Reciprocal Pronoun
ref Reflexive Pronoun
int Interrogative Pronoun
rel Relative Pronoun


Symbol Gloss Notes
p1 1st Person
p2 2nd Person
p3 3rd Person
all Applicable to all Persons
impers Impersonal Used only in verbs eg. It rains - বৃষ্টি পড়ে


Symbol Gloss Notes
sg Singular
pl Plural
sp Singular and Plural

Grammatical Case[edit]

Symbol Gloss Numeric value Notes
nom Nominative Case 0
obj Objective Case 1
gen Genitive(possessive) Case 2
loc Locative Case 3


Symbol Gloss Numeric value Notes
nn Inanimate 0
aa Animate 1
hu Human 2
el Elite 3
an Animate/Inanimate 4
ah Animate/Human 5
eh Elite/Human 6

NOTE: hu ,el and their hybrid are only used in case of Nouns


Symbol Gloss Numeric value Notes
mf Male,Female 0
m Male 1
f Female 2
nt Neuter/Inanimate 3
un *Common and Neuter (Both animate and inanimate) 4


Symbol Gloss Numeric Value Notes
pol Polite 2
fam Familiar 1
infml Informal 0



Symbol Gloss Notes
sint Synthetic
psint Partially Synthetic
comp Comparative
sup Superlative


  • We are not tagging positive degree as its the default.


Symbol Gloss Notes
det Determiner
ind Indefinite eg. একটি, আরেকটি, অন্য
pos Possessive eg. তার, আমার
dem Demonstrative eg. এই, এইটা
ord Ordinal eg. প্রথম, দ্বিতীয়, তৃতীয়
qnt Quantifier eg. অনেক, বেশি
itg Interrogative eg. কী, কত
pers Personal eg. আমরা মানুষেরা - We people
def Definite Bengali does not have separate definite article, normally 'টা' is added to lemma


Tense and Mood[edit]

Symbol Gloss Notes
ger Gerund going -> যাওয়া
inf Infinitive to go -> যেতে
inf2 Infinitive (Alternate)/Genitive Form eg সেখানে যাবার জন্য - For going there
pressmpl Present Simple
prescnt Present Continuous
pastsmpl Past Simple
pastcont Past Continuous
pasthbtl Past Habitual
pastcnd Past Conditional
prft Perfect
plprft Pluperfect
ftsmpl Future Simple
ftcnt Future Continuous
ppst Past Participle
pcnd Conditional Participle
presimp Present Imperative
ftimp Future Imperative
neg Negative সে যায় - He goes, সে যায়না - He does not go.


Speling Format Order[edit]

[Stem]; [Inflection]; [animacy].[number].[case].[definite]; n.[gender]

eg. বালক; বালকটাকে;; n.m

Proper nouns[edit]

Symbol Gloss Numeric Value Note
ant Anthroponym 0 Human first names (e.g. John)
top Toponym 1 Topological names (e.g. Dhaka, Baghdad, London)
hyd Hydronym 2 Names of rivers etc.
cog Cognomen 3 Second (or family) name (e.g. Smith)
org Organisation 4 Organization (e.g. National Health Service)
al Altres 5 Others (e.g. Brand names like Wikipedia, or Talc, etc.)


  • Cognomen Can be both singular and plural
  • Anthroponyms are always singular
  • Toponyms and Hydronym are always singular

It is not necessary to separate out hydronyms unless they need special treatment (as in Polish) - Francis Tyers 07:21, 29 June 2009 (UTC)


  • *Final decision yet to be taken
  • **Place holder