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How Apertium pairs are included in ContentTranslation

aka: If you make an improvement in an Apertium language pair, how long until it gets into ContentTranslation?

  1. Make a Release
  2. It has to be Debian-packaged by User:Tino Didriksen and/or Kartik Mistry
  3. WMF Language Engineering (Kartik Mistry et al) has to actually install it, and any new dependencies (which might also need releases/Debian packages)

Language pairs

Language pair WMF version Upstream (SVN) version
apertium-af-nl 0.2.0~r57554-1
apertium-apy 0.1+svn~61425-1
apertium-br-fr 0.5.0+svn~57870-1
apertium-ca-it 0.1.1~r57554-1
apertium-cy-en 0.1.1~r57554-1
apertium-dan 0.1.0-1
apertium-dan-nor 1.0.0~r48173-1
apertium-en-ca 0.9.3+svn~57977-1
apertium-en-es 0.8.0+svn~57502-1
apertium-en-gl 0.5.2~r57551-1
apertium-eo-ca 0.9.1~r60655-1
apertium-eo-en 1.0.0+svn~57870-1
apertium-eo-es 0.9.1~r60655-1
apertium-eo-fr 0.9.0~r28336-1
apertium-es-an 0.3.0~r60158-1
apertium-es-ast 1.1.0~r60158-1
apertium-es-ca 1.2.1+svn~57448-1
apertium-es-gl 1.0.8~r57542-1
apertium-es-it 0.1.0~r51165-1
apertium-es-pt 1.1.5+svn~57507-1
apertium-es-ro 0.7.3~r57551-1
apertium-eu-en 0.3.1~r60155-1
apertium-eu-es 0.3.3~r56159-1
apertium-eus 0.1.0-1
apertium-fr-ca 1.0.3~r61329-1
apertium-fr-es 0.9.2~r27040-1
apertium-hbs 0.5.0~r57197-2
apertium-hbs-eng 0.1.0~r57554-1
apertium-hbs-mkd 0.1.0~r57554-1
apertium-hbs-slv 0.5.0~r43858-1
apertium-hin 0.1.0~r57344-1
apertium-id-ms 0.1.1+svn~57870-1
apertium-is-sv 0.1.0~r56030-1
apertium-isl 0.1.0-1
apertium-isl-eng 0.1.0~r20599-1
apertium-kaz 0.1.0~r60155-1
apertium-kaz-tat 0.2.1~r57554-1
apertium-lex-tools 0.1.0+svn~57414-1
apertium-mk-bg 0.2.0~r49489-1
apertium-mkd 0.1.0-1
apertium-mlt-ara 0.1.0~r57554-1
apertium-nno 0.1.0+svn~58076-1
apertium-nno-nob 1.0.0+svn~57977-1
apertium-nob 0.1.0+svn~58076-1
apertium-oc-ca 1.0.6~r60158-1
apertium-oc-es 1.0.6~r60161-1
apertium-pt-ca 0.8.2+svn~57507-1
apertium-pt-gl 0.9.2~r60358-1
apertium-sv-da 0.5.1+svn~57989-1
apertium-tat 0.1.0~r57462-1
apertium-urd 0.1.0~r57551-1
apertium-urd-hin 0.1.0+svn~r60389-1
hfst 3.8.1~r4088-1

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