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Apertium is a free/open-source platform for developing rule-based machine translation systems!

To see the whole list of general documentation pages written in English, see documentation in English.

Pour ceux qui sont plus à l'aise avec la langue française, une partie des pages anglaises a été traduite. Voir documentation en français.


The following 50 pairs have released versions and are considered to be stable:

  • Spanish ⇆ Catalan (spa-cat)
  • Spanish ← Romanian (es-ro)
  • French ⇆ Catalan (fra-cat)
  • Occitan ⇆ Catalan (oc-ca)
  • English ⇆ Galician (en-gl)
  • Swedish ⇆ Danish (swe-dan)
  • Macedonian → English (mk-en)
  • Afrikaans ⇆ Dutch (af-nl)
  • Indonesian ⇆ Malaysian (id-ms)
  • Icelandic ⇆ Swedish (is-sv)
  • Occitan ⇆ Spanish (oc-es)
  • Spanish ⇆ Portuguese (es-pt)
  • English ⇆ Catalan (eng-cat)
  • English ⇆ Spanish (eng-spa)
  • Sardinian ← Italian (ita-srd)
  • Sardinian ← Catalan (cat-srd)

Other pairs currently in development may be found in our GitHub repositories. You can test drive release versions here. More information can be found on the page: List of language pairs

How to create a new language pair

Documentation (other pages)

Main article: Documentation