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Task ideas for Google Code-in/Scrape inflection information from Wiktionary

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[edit] Objective

This objective of this task is to convert tables of inflectional information on Wiktionary into a format useful for Apertium, e.g. speling format.

[edit] Example

For example, take the Bulgarian noun вода, the page on Wiktionary for вода has the inflection information for Bulgarian. The table looks something like:

Singular Plural
indefinite вода води
definite водата водите
vocative водо води

The equivalent in speling format would be:

вода; вода; sg.ind; n.f
вода; водата; sg.def; n.f
вода; водо; sg.voc; n.f
вода; води; pl.ind; n.f
вода; водите; pl.def; n.f
вода; води; pl.voc; n.f

Where n.f means "noun, feminine" (this information will also typically be on the Wiktionary page).

Note: for most parts of speech, the fourth column will just have the part of speech alone, and all other sub-tags in the third column, e.g. adjectives look like

vacker; vackert; abs.ind.sg.nt; adj
vacker; vackra; abs.pl; adj

See User:Wei2912's Crawler if you want to build on some previous work.

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