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Task ideas for Google Code-in/Documentation of resources

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Create a page on the Apertium wiki (where this page is!) like the pages listed below, but for a language that doesn't currently have a page. It should list as many resources on the language as you can find. It should also list any Apertium resources that already exist for the language.

To create a page on the wiki, you will need to request an account from one of your mentors, providing them with an email address and your preferred username.

[edit] What resources to look for

Try to find the following resources for a language, and keep track of the license:

  • linguistic grammars of the language
  • academic work on the language, including any computational linguistics work already done involving the language
  • bilingual dictionaries of the language and some other language
  • large monolingual corpora of the language
  • parallel corpora of the language and some other language

[edit] Where to look

Scour sites that might present or link to the right sort of resources on the language:

  • Sites with scholarly articles: Google Scholar, jstor, academia.edu, etc.
  • Places that list books: WolrdCat, Amazon, etc.
  • Your favourite search engine
  • The Apertium wiki

[edit] Examples

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