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Family: Celtic
ISO Codes: br / bre / bre
Incubator: {{{incubator}}}
Language pairs: Breton and French


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[edit] Tagset

Tag Description
n Nom
np Nom propre
num Numeral
mf Masculin/feminin
m Gourel (Masculin)
f Benel (Feminin)
sg Singular
pl Plural
sp Singular/plural
acr Acronimo
top Toponym
ant Anthroponym
cog Cognomen
al Autres
pr Preposition
cnjcoo Conjonction de coordination
cnjsub Conjonction de subordination
cnjadv Conjonction adverbial
prn Pronom
subj Subjet
obj Objet
rel Relatif
opt Optatif
ppres Present participle
neg Negatif
ref Reflexif
ij Interjection
adv Adverbe
preadv Preadverbe
adj Adjectif
sint Synthetic
comp Comparatif
sup Superlatif
excl Exclamatif
itg Interrogatif
vblex Verb
vbloc Verb (locative form)
vpart Verbal particle
inf Infinitif
pri Present indicative
pii Imperfect
prh Present habitual
pih Imperfect habitual
cni Conditional
cip Past conditional
imp Imperative
past Past definite
pp Past participle
fti Future indicative
ger Particle for present participle
p1 1st person
p2 2nd person
p3 3rd person
impers Impersonal
det Determiner
predet Pre-determiner
ind Indefinite
def Definite
dem Demonstratif
pos Possessive
ord Ordinal
cm Coma
sent End of sentence marker
ND Number to be determined
GD Gender to be determined

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