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WiKLaTS - WikiKnowledge for Language Translation Systems[edit]

WiKLaTS is a complex project, that want to develop a complete environment to create
and manage languages pairs with a cooperative paradigm support in Apertium.

Some visionary objectives are:

  • Control Version of the Language Pairs
  • Possibility the manager of Unique Monolingual Dictionary for each Language.
    (Today any pair has his own monolingual Dictionary for the pair involved)
  • A Portal that people can apply and suggest new words, or new symbols,
    or new rules but with a interface that guide for end users can do it.
  • Integrated Development, where people can change dictionaries, export o apertium and test on-line.
  • (Post Your visionary Idea)


 This is a visionary and difficult project. So we`ll try to create small projects to part the complexity.
 We think to develop the project with J2EE technologies and extra OpenSource components.
 Each small project or version will be a GAP and GAPs will be described.

First GAP: Monolingual, Bilingual Dictionary Manager[edit]

Prototype of Interface.
Propose New Ideas!!

The idea is a tool to manager initially the apertium files with a better interface. In this first version the objective is:

  • Manipulate Completely Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionary's.
  • With this tool developers will not need to manager xml files direct. (Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionary's)
  • They will open xml Files of Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionary's, edit then with the interface and the xml file will be generated automatically .

A On-line non-functional Prototype of this GAP on

  • The prototype is developed with Adobe-Flex Technology and to see the prototype the user need a Flash Player Plugin.
  • The Objective of the prototype is to show and try to simulate the interface. Help to find new features.
  • For the end project the Idea is to develop a Complete J2EE system but with a choice with Flex or JSF Apresentation.

It has 3 Parts :

Monolingual Dictionary:[edit]

Charge, manipulate and save Monolingual Dictionary Files. Each interface have to cover many features it's possible

Prototype Language Statistics Interface.
Propose New Ideas!!
  • Language
    • Chose a Monolingual Dictionary
    • Charge the XML content, show Statistics, show a Description of the file and a Log(Memo) of changes.
Prototype Language Symbols Interface.
Propose New Ideas!!
  • Symbols
    • List of symbols of the language selected.
    • Possibility to include a new Symbol
    • Each Symbol may have a description
    • Will be develop a new and better for to show to end user how Symbols can be organized. Only for information
      • Like a Tree View of Grammatical Categories, of by Sintatic classification are primary ideas
Prototype Language Paradigm Interface.
Propose New Ideas!!
  • Paradigm
Prototype Language Paradigm Interface.
Propose New Ideas!!
  • Lemmas

Bilingual Dictionary[edit]

Prototype Bilingual.
Propose New Ideas!!

A interface to link words of 2 Monolingual Files.

  • Select Languages A:
    • Statistics of the Language A
  • Select Language B:
    • Statistics of the Language B
  • Auto-Select the Bilingual Dictionary A-B
    • Show Statistics of the process
  • Bilingual Dictionary Development
    • Help to find words in Language A and B
    • When Select a word, show paradigms
    • Show equal words with different meanings.
    • Bilingual Wizard Interface:
      • User can put a sentence tranlated, the system can show the word apertium dictionary recoganized and link words with a GUI interfaces.

Like (English and Portuguese): "Yes, I Do" and "Sim, Eu Posso" -> The user only drag the word Yes and Drop in the Word Sim. Repeat the process for each word and the software can pre-link this words.

Transfer Rules (Future, only for Post ideas)[edit]

A interface to link words of 2 Monolingual Files.

Post your Ideas.

Features Sugested[edit]

Place for sugestions