Vowel harmony

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Both Turkish and Azerbaijani, along with most other Turkic languages exhibit vowel harmony. See the following table of inflections for the word pivə, "beer" in Azerbaijani. Underscore indicates a vowel that has been "harmonised".

Azerbaijani Gloss
pivə beer
pivəler beers
pivəlerim my beers
pivədən from beer
pivələrdən from beers

If the stem had ended with another vowel than ə, the underscored vowel would differ as well (e.g. a and a instead of ə and ə).

HFST has a handy way of treating this phenomena. Represent the harmonising vowel as e.g. {A} (an archiphoneme that represents e.g. the set of a or ə) in the suffix, and use a two-level rule to instantiate it to a specific vowel when it's attached to the stem.

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