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Apart from all the people visiting , Apertium is also used in various large organisations, by governments, companies, professional translators. This page lists some references to where Apertium is used out there:

Wikimedia uses all released language pairs in Wikipedia's Content Translation tool[1][2]

Some universities in the Catalan-speaking regions have their own Apertium-powered translation portals: Universitat d'Alacant, Universitat Politècnica de València, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

NGOs Softcatalà, Softvalencià and Softaragonés also provide Apertium portals.

Apertium is at the basis of many services offered by Universitat d'Alacant spin-off company Prompsit Language Engineering.

It is used to produce a Valencian (Catalan) edition of daily newspaper Levante (installed there by language technology firm imaxin|software). Apparently, some content is published without post-editing. Twitter user @Aixeque_EMV collects and publishes examples of translation errors with humorous comments.

It is used by the Spanish Administration (inside a platform called PLATA) to deliver public information in Galician and Catalan/Valencian.

It is used in the MateCat online translation tool, professional translators get suggestions from Apertium through the MateCat Apertium plug-in.

apertium-nno-nob is used by NTB/NPK for translating nob→nno with postediting.[3]

apertium-sme-nob is used among others by Sámi University of Applied Sciences for gisting their home page into Norwegian Bokmål.

apertium-tat is used for morphological annotation of the Corpus of Written Tatar (, and for morphological annotation of the Sketch Engine's Tatar Mixed Corpus (