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  • The verbs "Ovalamak" and "Kovalamak" creates some problems. This is about ambiguity which is expected to be solved by apertium tagger. Ova (champaign), ovalamak (to scrub) so ovalarım both means my champaigns and I scrub :D (likewise kovalarım both means "my buckets" and "I chase")

^ovalarım/ova<n><pl><pp1s><abs>/ovalamak<vblex><aff><pres><p1><sg><stat>$ ^kovalarım/kova<n><pl><pp1s><abs>/kovalamak<vblex><aff><pres><p1><sg><stat>$ apertium-tagger

^ova<n><pl><pp1s><abs>$ ^kova<n><pl><pp1s><abs>$ apertium-pretransfer

^ova<n><pl><pp1s><abs>$ ^kova<n><pl><pp1s><abs>$ apertium-transfer

^nom<NP><pl>{^n><n><pl><pp1s><abs>$}$ ^nom<NP><pl>{^vedrə<n><pl><pp1s><abs>$}$ apertium-interchunk

^nom<NP><pl>{^n><n><pl><pp1s><abs>$}$ ^nom<NP><pl>{^vedrə<n><pl><pp1s><abs>$}$ apertium-postchunk

^n><n><pl><pp1s><abs>$ ^vedrə<n><pl><pp1s><abs>$ lt-proc

  1. n> vedrələrim


  1. n> vedrələrim
  2. n> vedrələrim

To Do List[edit]

  • Inflectional morphology for verbs
  • Inflectional morphology for nouns (cases)
  • Derivational morphology for verbs
  • Derivational morphology for nouns


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