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Hi, regarding your weekly plan, it's nice that you're including potential problems with swig, but that could go in its own section, since those problems can appear in any week (you won't be exclusively dealing with pointer-leaks in week 2, that's something you have to be vigilant about throughout). The best plans are the ones that consist of very concrete items that you can "tick off" ✔ when you've done them. You can't tick off "solved all pointer-leaks", but you can tick off something like "☑ All remaining lttoolbox functions available from python through apertium.lttoolbox.internal namespace", "☑ high-level API for apertium-tagger available under apertium.tagger", "☑ first pip package published" etc. Make sense? --unhammer (talk) 07:52, 15 March 2018 (CET)