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I was a GSoC student for Apertium back in 2010, and worked on the Java port. I'm back in 2012 as a mentor assisting Jacob Nordfalk with the Apertium on your mobile and Make lttoolbox-java embeddable projects.

I also did my development on Windows using Cygwin to run the C++ runtime. And for testing in an actual Linux environment, I used a Linux VM running in VirtualBox. So I can help with questions about getting Apertium up and running on Windows.

My GSoC 2010 Proposals are here:


  • Notes on the differences between interchunk and transfer -- This is a place to put down my thoughts and discoveries as I'm trying to figure this out to assist in my porting effort. These are my personal notes, and they have no warranty whatsoever (not even any implied warranties). XD