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IRC nick: donnek

Scrapbook page for Apertium info

I've been working on Welsh stuff since about 2003. I developed Kartouche, a browser-based translation system, and led the KDE translation effort into Welsh. That is now in abeyance, because I started working on language resources to help with it in the longer term, eg Eurfa, and Korrect

My long-term aim is a distributed system that can suck in translateable files from any specified program whose version control system is reachable online, and do an initial translation of them automatically, using standard technical vocabulary. They can then be reviewed, spell-checked and grammar-checked, returned to the project, and the checked material added to a translation memory system for future use. For Welsh, apertium-cy is the final step here, although I would also like to add a text-to-speech system.

I'm also interested in other languages, eg Breton.