Uighur and Turkish

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Vowel Harmony[edit]

Vowel harmony can often be ambiguous after the blank ى character, meaning that this calls for new classes, most urgently for nouns but possibly also for other classes. Examples: til-lar, éghiz-lar, ish-lar

This is already solved in twol, using the {☫} symbol.

Suffixes after Numbers or Special Characters[edit]

Suffixes after Numbers or characters like " << >> are currently not analyzed at all

Vowel dropping issues[edit]

A number of issues, examples will be added.

With possessive suffix:

isim-ismi ئىسىم-ئىسمى

orun-orni ئورۇن-ئورنى

qisim-qismi قىسىم -قىسمى

Orthographic Errors[edit]

voicing/devoicing mistakes seem to come up frequently with loan words, e.g. with cenubda being written as cenubta

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