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Apertium can use a translation memory (TMX file) to override the default translations by using the -m (and -o) command line argument:

 -m memory.tmx    use a translation memory to recycle translations
 -o direction     translation direction using the translation memory,
                  by default 'direction' is used instead

Example usage[edit]

Example TMX:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE tmx SYSTEM "tmx14.dtd">
<tmx version="1.4">
  <header creationtool="Translate Toolkit - po2tmx" creationtoolversion="1.9.0" 
          segtype="sentence" o-tmf="UTF-8" adminlang="en" srclang="en" datatype="PlainText"/>
      <tuv xml:lang="en">
        <seg>Welcome to Wikipedia</seg>
      <tuv xml:lang="ca">
        <seg>Benvinguts a la Viquipèdia</seg>
      <tuv xml:lang="en">
        <seg>The Free Encyclopedia</seg>
      <tuv xml:lang="ca">
        <seg>L'Enciclopèdia Lliure</seg>

If you've saved that as en-ca.tmx, entries there will override the suggestions from apertium. Let's try with and without the tmx:

$ echo Welcome to Wikipedia. Hello|apertium en-ca 
Benvingut a Viquipèdia. Hola
$ echo Welcome to Wikipedia. Hello|apertium en-ca -m en-ca.tmx
Benvinguts a la Viquipèdia. Hola

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