Task ideas for Google Code-in/Setup and add lexical selection

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  1. select a language pair that is not yet set up for lexical selection, ideally such that the source language is a language you know (L₂) and the target language a language you use every day (L₁).
  2. Install Apertium locally from the Subversion repository; install the language pair; make sure that it works and/or getApertium VirtualBox and update, check out & compile the language pair.
  3. Using a large enough corpus of the source language (e.g. plain text taken from Wikipedia, newspapers, literature, etc.), detect cases of inadequate lexical choice, that is, the translation is grammatical but the translation selected for one word is not correct (because the source word is polysemous or has more than one meaning).
  4. Set up lexical selection for the language pair, add entries to the bilingual dictionary if needed, and write 5 lexical selection rules that select the correct translation in the relevant context.