Task ideas for Google Code-in/Fix using LanguageTool

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  1. select a released language pair where you know the the target language, and the target language has good support in LanguageTool (Catalan is one that has support from both Apertium and LanguageTool).
  2. Install Apertium locally from the Subversion repository; install the language pair; make sure that it works and/or get Apertium VirtualBox and update, check out & compile the language pair.
  3. Grab some text from Wikipedia, newspapers, literature, etc. and run it through Apertium, then run that output through LanguageTool.
  4. Find 5 mistakes marked by LanguageTool, make sure that they're real mistakes and fix them
    • If they are missing words, add these words to the source dictionary (so that they are not unknown anymore), add the correspondence to the bilingual dictionary, and add the word to the target dictionary if not already there.
    • If they are mistranslated words, you might need to add a multiword so that they translate correctly in that context
  5. Compile and test again
  6. Submit a patch to your mentor (or commit it if you have already gained developer access)