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Talk:Using Git

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How to start[edit]

Well your page does not explain the beginning.

Several months or years ago, if somebody discovered Apertium and wanted to test it, he needed to :

  • eventually install subversion
  • install Apertium tools and compile them
  • watch the list of language pairs
  • install some and compile them
  • use them.

With subversions, for all these things we needed to know two svn commands.

If after that, he wants to propose changes, he will have to learn one more command.

Eventually, later, he will learn other svn commandes to add, delete, rename or move files.

Now we use Git instead of subversion, but what we first need to know is how to do the same things like searching Git files and downloading them. But you pages only give information about what to do if files are already on the computer. Bech (talk) 17:32, 12 March 2018 (CET)