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This page needs processing...[edit]

This page contains material which has been heavily worked and can not be found elsewhere on the Wiki e.g. making a hint at the difference between HFST and the Apertium dictionaries, and a discussion of apertium-init. But the material overlaps or repeats key pages like How to bootstrap a new pair, Installation, and several more. I'm not against that, not on a Wiki, but placed here the information becomes hard to maintain and misleading.

I'm probably putting down a marker for myself [sigh]. This page should have all the valuable information preserved. The huge link block is both valuable in itself, and points to possibilities for re-organising the information on how to develop languages in Apertium. But, as it stands, if people arrive at this page, they'll either be upset they did not find it earlier, or be frustrated by how wiki information has become so fragmented. IMHO, etc.

Same goes for the companion page, Quick and dirty guide addendum: other important things.