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But here it has tags, so it's included in the monodix, but with the lemma changed to surface form?
What about CG rules referring to lemmas? -Unhammer

Tanmai Khanna (talk) I brought up the same thing and he said that if there's a CG rule referring to a lemma then it's most likely going to be in the bidix as well, which makes sense. We just need to make this change before the tagger/CG throws away the surface form. Or if lt-trim can do it when it finds out an entry is to be trimmed then even better. (If to be trimmed, make right side = left side)

Well the point is that CG rules can refer to the lemmas, this happens after CG. We only need to replace the lemma with the surface form when we find out that the lemma isn't in the bidix. Transfer rules are (very) unlikely to match ---and probably shouldn't be matching --- unknown lemmas. - Francis Tyers (talk)
Wait, I thought this idea was that during lt-trim instead of trimming out entries, you put the surface form on both sides, which effectively means that the lemma is discarded even before the pipe starts. In that case CG rules will suffer yes. Unless if we're talking about preserving surface form and lemma till the bidix, which is what I was trying to implement. Tanmai Khanna (talk)