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Dictionary 2011[edit]

I have created a proposed language pair and I have also placed some words in Nepali with their equivalents in Hindi. - August 2011 User:RajeshPandey

Dictionary Update 2012[edit]

I have compiled all of these word list combinations. I have selected their meanings. Most of these have been derived from Wikipedia while I edited nepali wikipedia. This dictionary was developed for my Hindi to Nepali Translator which was originally kept at . I started creating a list of dictionary to help myself from translating articles from Hindi to Nepali.

Today, My software "Nepali Wikipedia Translator" or विकिपीडिया नेपाली अनुवादक translates about 80 % of what I need to translate from Hindi and It has been very handy. However I wish it would be used by other people. I don't anyone would have to do a lot of time consuming work of preparing a dictionary as I did in the past.

I hope this would be beneficial.

The words are separated by pipes.

I have tried to separate in various parts such as Nouns/ Adjectives etc. However there are still places where I could put them as Noun countable and uncountable etc.

So these works are still remaining. This is a good task if anyone wants to work in it. --RajeshPandey 10:05, 12 May 2012 (UTC)