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Modifying all mwe's to use separable only works for language pairs that don't use lexical selection for words that can turn into multiwords, which seems unlikely. Apertium-separable is great for translating into more idiomatic language, and you can to a certain extent do "lexical selection" with it, but it's not a replacement for LRX. LRX rules can 1. overlap and 2. combine with weights (and there is a --trace mode). On the other hand, LSX rules are LRLM (no overlapping rules), and doing typical "lexical selection" tasks in LSX quickly becomes unwieldy (being a rewriter instead of a filter, you have more power, but debugging is harder). Perhaps a second, target-language separable that runs after LRX could give us the best of both worlds, rewriting only on the part after the first '/', but afaik separable can't yet do that (and one would have to invent some smart heuristics for what to do with the part before '/'). --unhammer (talk) 12:44, 21 December 2021 (UTC)