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Constraint rules[edit]

First person singular of vera & sjá[edit]


Here we have an ambiguity between sjá<vblex><pri><p1><sg> and vera<vbser><prs><p1><sg>, aside from being able to disambiguate on the subjunctive (probably it only occurs in fixed contexts, we can also disambiguate based on the case of the following word. The verb "vera" governs the nominative, while the verb "sjá" governs the accusative.

Transfer rules[edit]

Future subjunctive[edit]


Probably here we can directly translate this construction into English as follows:

Icelandic: Ef<cnjsub> + PrnSubj + {verb in past subjunctive} +  {NP}  + {verb in past subjunctive} + PrnSubj
           Ef           ég        væri                         sterkari lemdi                        ég        hann 

English:   If<cnjsub> + PrnSubj + {verb in past subjunctive} +  {NP}  +  PrnSubj + {verb in conditional}
           If           I         were                          stronger I          would hit                  him