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(Mac OS X `sed' doesn't allow \n in replacements, so I just use an actual (escaped) newline...)

I've come across this before, the best thing to do here is install GNU sed ;) - Francis Tyers 22:48, 25 March 2009 (UTC)
sudo port install ssed for Super-Sed (long lost cousin of Super-Ted). Felt it important to point out the fact to potential other Mac users though... or maybe I should've written "Mac? Use ssed" instead. (Or sudo port install gsed for GNU sed, which seems faster than ssed.) Unhammer[edit]

I like to keep the punctuation, this is an alternative wikicat script. Use $ ./ blah-pages-articles.xml.bz2:

# clean up wiki for running through apertium-destxt

# awk prints full lines, make sure each html element has one
bzcat "$@" | sed 's/>/>\n/g' | sed 's/</\n</g' |\
# want only stuff between <text...> and </text>
awk '
/<text.*>/,/<\/text>/ { print $0 }
' |\

sed 's/\[\[\([a-z]\{2,3\}\):[^]]\+\]\]//g' |\
# Drop all transwiki links

sed 's/\[\[[^]|]*|//g' | sed 's/\]\]//g' | sed 's/\[\[//g' |\
# wiki markup, retain bar and fie from [[foo|bar]] [[fie]]
sed 's/\[http[^ ]*\([^]]*\)\]/\1/g' |\
# wiki markup, retain `bar fie' from [http://foo bar fie]

sed 's/&.*;/ /g' |\
# remove entities greedily, so as to get rid of hidden html too

# Keep only lines starting with a capital letter, removing tables with style info etc.
grep '^[ \t]*[A-ZÆØÅ]' # Your alphabet here