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Adding to the mutantmonkey pull request[edit]

1. Make a change in master

2. Switch to mutantmonkey_merge (`git checkout mutantmonkey_merge`)

3. Either make the change manually or cherry-pick master's commit (`git cherry-pick <commit>`), where <commit> is the sha-1 code of master's commit.

Mattr555 (talk) 05:00, 29 November 2013 (GMT)

Old Wishlist[edit]

  • awikstats:
    • count .rlx sizes
    • count number of transfer rules
    • ignore post-* (used to work?)
    • use each file's rev for pairs with their own monodices, e.g. Apertium-en-es/stats
    • add a Category:Datastats so there's an easy way to get to all the stats
  • tell/ask
    • alises for nicks, so that spectre/spectie/spectei can get tell messages regardless of which nick they were sent to
    • delete things from tell/ask queue
    • make tell split overly long messages into multiple ones for display as to not exceed the max IRC message length
  • mediawiki plugins
    • have awik plugin search the apertium wiki and return top hit if a page isn't found (like wikipedia plugin)
    • have a function that tells someone else the results of .awik or .wik, e.g. for mentors to point students to resources
    • have better logic for text that's displayed for a page/section (need examples where it fails!)
      • where there's immediately a subsection?
      • where the first thing is a table or infobox?
      • where the first . doesn't end the sentence?
  • document any command that does not have information
  • URL interceptor
  • mediawiki plugins
    • have wikipedia plugin support subsections like awik plugin
  • fix .bot-slap to only be triggered when begiak is mentioned
  • fix support for branches of a svn repo. Example being the vislcg3 repository which is merely a branch of an otherwise closed source repository. Begiak currently only reports on a revision if the previous revision was also for that branch. E.g., Begiak reported about revision 9647 and 9646, but not 9645 because 9644 did not modify anything in the vislcg3 branch. This is a consistently seen pattern.
  • fix begiak .help to display stuff about Apertium
  • is the githook server automatically loading yet?
  • wiktionary in other languages if there's some way to do it that makes sense (.ety and .w)
  • find an easier way (or clean up the current method) to poll for SVN updates
  • find out why the "fml" command isn't working as expected
  • .botslap
  • queues
    • .queue display seems to be broken
    • allow displaying (/listing?) queues for other users too
    • figure out how to deal with queues longer than irc message length
    • return a better error message when a queue doesn't exist (i.e., not "that's not a command" for ".queue hargle add bargle")
    • allow admin users to modify and delete others' queues
  • ethnologue plugin
    • Make logic for number of native speakers better (e.g., tur currently reports 350K, spa 7.5M)
  • .pester - pesters pesteree once per day (or other period of time) until pesterer says problem is solved; i.e., pesteree can postpone or dismiss
  • user tracking
    • greet new users (never seen) with a hello message telling them to idle (able to enable/disable)
    • fix .seen forgetting everything after a restart
  • Pollers (svn, git, etc.)
    • allow channel-specific filtering of commit (etc.?) poller reporting
    • svn/git: logic of multiple files (display up to 3 filenames; if more than 3 files, display 2 filenames and the message "and X other files" (it should always be plural))
    • svn/git: when updates are received (either by polling or a hook), don't display the time of the update. Maybe have a default dispalyTime=True (or False) in the display function, and adjust the appropriate functions to send the non-default.
    • svn: when multiple updates occur since last poll, display both
  • timezones
    • find some way to get standard abbreviations, e.g. scraping it from somewhere?

jatinluthra14 (talk) 10:25, 7 December 2016 (IST)


Is it OK that I mentioned ebegiak, the copy I run for tell in case of crashes? --ScoopGracie (talk) 21:38, 22 January 2020 (CET)