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Getting Started[edit]

Technical Documentation[edit]


Community Bonding Period[edit]

Week 1 — 25th April[edit]

  • Must demonstrate that setuptools can allow a prefix-based installation for non-root users before end of bonding period
  • Emailed Francis a written proof of setuptools adequately meeting expectations and requirements.

Week 2 — 2nd May[edit]

  • Converted LaTeX source to Wikimedia format, and placed below this section for annotation.
  • Completed example
  • Added Installation and Usage pages, uploaded initial files.

Week 3 — 9th May[edit]

  • Fixed a Python regression-related bug in
  • Fixed a personal regression in
  • Plan to add for config
  • Consider using virtualenv for rootless installations
  • Fixed installation instructions
  • SVN and git now synched

Coding Period[edit]

Week 1 — 23rd May[edit]

  • Completed


Tests and stats[edit]

Monolingual corpus[edit]

  • dicts: Coverage
  • rules: Rule counting (CG, apertium-transfer)
  • rules: number of rules
  • dicts: number of entries (sl mono, sl-tl, tl mono) -- lttoolbox/hfst
  • dicts: (monolingual) mean ambiguity
  • system: translation speed (per module?)
  • dicts: (bilingual) mean fertility -- e.g. number of translations per SL/TL word
  • rules: for disambiguation, if there is cg + apertium tagger, how much work does CG do and how much does apertium-tagger do ? (count LU input to CG, LU output from CG and LU output form apertium-tagger)


  • dictionary tests (e.g. hfst-tester)
  • regression tests
  • pending tests
  • testvoc
  • testvoc+bidixvoc (some language pairs have bilingual dictionaries with more than one translation for a given SL word, at the moment testvoc will only ever test the default translation. testvoc+bidixvoc will test them all)
  • generation test
  • corpus test

Parallel corpus[edit]

  • WER, PER, BLEU against reference


  • coverage over time
  • number of rules over time
  • mean ambiguity over time
  • number of dict entries over time
  • translation speed over time
  • WER/PER/BLEU over time
  • percentage of regression tests passed over time

Feature Requests[edit]

  • Cache the wiki Regression test web page so that we can test when the wiki is offline or when stuck in airports with expensive wifi


Sanity Tests[edit]

Simple allow the use of a sanity_tests directory in a dictionary directory, and if found, run any scripts found in there, storing their name and return value in the quality-stats.xml. This allows the scripts to be in any language given they return non-zero return values on error.

Possible tests:

  • Superblank order test