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This page outlines some ideas for increasing the speed at which monolingual dictionaries (analysers) can be created.


Extract + constraints
Extract + constraints + corpus

Tag transfer[edit]

Try this at some point:

**Issues** -- the corpora may not be well aligned (e.g. JRC-Acquis Czech--Slovak) -- try and discard shoddy alignments.

<spectie> you have an aligned corpus
<spectie> polish--czech, czech--slovak, danish--swedish
<spectie> and you have an analyser for polish, czech or danish
<spectie> you want to make an analyser for swedish
<spectie> you make templates from the paradigms in the danish analyser
<spectie> tag the danish of the corpus
<spectie> that you have
<spectie> align it with the swedish side
<spectie> then read off the alignments, taking the surface forms from the right side and the tags from the left side -- note you need to specify the 
          lemma in a config file, e.g. for nouns n.*.sg.nom

another variation of this without parallel corpora might be to use extract and then use a bilingual dictionary (or 
even just wordlist) and comparable corpus to disambiguate the possibilities.

-- e.g. you have a surface form in language X which can be either Noun or Verb. 
        You look up the surface form in language X in a dictionary X--Y ( you have an analyser + tagger for Y)
        You disambiguate the right analysis for X based on the analysis in Y.

        -- you could extend this to >1 languages, e.g. you want to build a Danish analyser and you have English--Danish,Swedish--Danish
           wordlists and analysers for Swedish,English. You can check both.
I'd volunteer Upper and Lower Sorbian as ideal candidates for a test run of this: the grammar is almost 100% the same, I have an almost complete paradigm list (minus verbal participles) for Lower Sorbian, and a complete forms list for Upper Sorbian - but very little information mapping endings to cases. What little I have of Kashubian adjectives comes from a manual version of the above process, BTW. -- Jimregan 01:29, 5 June 2008 (BST)
Problem is that there is little aligned text for Upper/Lower Sorbian no? - Francis Tyers 10:21, 5 June 2008 (BST)
True, but I did say for a test run :) Jimregan 13:00, 12 June 2008 (BST)