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Pending tasks[edit]

Testing framework
  • Fill out the Pending tests page with some contrastive features of Slovenian and Spanish.
  • Set up the testvoc and generation tests.
Slovenian monolingual dictionary
  • Proofread pronouns in the Slovenian monolingual dictionary -- They should be complete, and have appropriate subcategorisation (pos, ind, def, qnt, dem, ...)
  • Proofread prepositions in the Slovenian monolingual dictionary -- Take note that the same preposition with different forms should be included in a paradigm (e.g. "de" "d'" etc.)
    • Preposition/pronoun contractions should be added as in other pairs, with <j/>
  • Proofread conjunctions in the Slovenian dictionary -- They should be split into coordinating and subordinating
  • Proofread determiners in the Slovenian dictionary -- They should be complete, and have appropriate subcategorisation (pos, ind, def, qnt, dem, ...)
    • Some determiners are missing (e.g. the possessives moj, naš, vaš, etc.), these need to be added.
  • Proofread open categories
    • Verbs are missing aspect markers (perf, imperf) these will need to be added.
    • Verbs are not marked for transitivity.
    • Nouns are not split in moški spol into animate/inanimate. -- They should be
    • Adjectives with superlatives output superlative lemma e.g. najstar -- these should be changed to output non superlative lemma. e.g. najstarstar. See e.g. example for lep, najlep
    • Proper nouns need to be split from common nouns and appropriately subcategorised (top, ant, ...), proper names should be with initial caps.
  • Think of rules to fix frequent disambiguation problems
Slovenian→Spanish bilingual dictionary
  • Add closed categories
  • Add open categories, remembering to take note of multiple translation possibilities
Slovenian→Spanish transfer

(wait for the sl-it system)

  • Move to 3+ levels of transfer
  • Investigate how definiteness in Spanish can be inferred from Slovenian.
    • Perhaps consider marking count/mass in bilingual dictionary.
    • Are there any NP structures which are inherently definite ?
      • Superlatives
      • NPs with proper names (e.g. Parlament SlovenijeEl Parlamento de Slovenia)

See also[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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