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Irish dictionary[edit]

  1. put the paradigms in 1 entry-per-line format
  2. noun paradigms
    1. some have only one entry -- these are defective? -- e.g. bá__n_m
    2. some have three entries -- defective also? -- e.g. band/ia__n_m
  3. verb paradigms
    1. sort the entries so that the order makes sense
    2. is there an imperative ???
  4. adjective paradigms
    1. some paradigms have more entries than others, e.g. ca/s__adj has 3, and bré/an__adj has 4
  5. are some proper nouns marked with common noun paradigms instead of proper noun paradigms ?
    1. find out with cat | grep '<e lm="[A-Z]'
  6. sort the entries in the <section id="main"> by a) part-of-speech, b) alphabetical order
  7. i think we're missing possessives and demonstratives, quantifiers and perhaps some definite/indefinite pronouns

Old todo[edit]

  • Perform an intersection on the monolingual dictionaries. (Making them consistent)
    • We only want stuff in the Irish analyser that we can translate into Scottish Gaelic -- so, in order for a word to be included, it should be in both the Irish monolingual, bilingual and the translation in the Scottish Gaelic monolingual. With the words for which we don't have translations we can just comment them out -- or move them to a separate file in dev/
  • Add all missing closed categories to the monolingual dictionaries.
  • Do some fixing of the bilingual dictionary
    • Some restrictions probably need adding.
    • Some conjunctions are marked "cnj" and not subdivided for "cnjcoo", "cnjsub" etc.
  • Making constraint grammar rules more CG-like
  • Write rules to do initial mutations for generation.
  • Write some transfer rules.
    • For example to do tenses, number agreement, etc.


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