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This page shows how to use brew to install the standard dependencies of apertium (and related packages) on Mac OS X.

Most of our OS X developers use port, not brew, but it should be perfectly possible to install prerequisites using brew. As with Macports, you need the full XCode with command-line-tools, and of course homebrew itself.

This script for testing on uses brew install gperftools help2man pcre icu4c perl518 gawk, but travis comes with some stuff preinstalled, so you may also need to brew install autoconf automake pkg-config subversion cmake wget apple-gcc42.

Note also the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/opt/icu4c:"${CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH}" ./ – if "brew" tells you that something was kegged and you need to set LDADD/CPPFLAGS, then you can put it in CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH when running ./

That said, you should probably stick with Macports if you can.

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