Prerequisites for FreeBSD2

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This page shows how to install the standard dependencies of apertium (and related packages) on FreeBSD.

Before beginning with the installation,it sould be ensured that these packages are installed,which can be easily done by the package manager via the shell command "pkg install [packagename]":

bash gettext libgcrypt libgpg-error libiconv libxml2 libxslt lttoolbox pcre pkgconf autoconf automake libtool

Note: If you want to use the sudo command as it's described in the Installation Instructions instead of starting a new shell with the su(superuser) command, you have to install the package "sudo" as well(and adding the current user name to the sudoer's file). Once you've installed these packages, continue to Minimal installation from SVN.


If are compiling apertium with gcc(has to be installed via the package manager as well as of FreeBSD 10),errors like "CXX_4.3.20 is missing" might occur.This is usually the case,if multiple versions of gcc are installed locally. In order to solve this problem ,the libmap.conf could be edited as described here( and creating the make.conf as descrives in this page is also worth a try.

When setting the environment variables the shell complains about not knowing these commands,switch from the c shell to the usual shell by typing in "sh".

If the make of a language pair fails with not found, open and replace the first line "#!/bin/bash" with "#!/bin/sh"