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Bylaws 24-26 ("Transitional provisions") were added to the bylaws before the election of the first PMC.

  • Bylaw 24 no longer applies
  • Bylaw 25 no longer applies (bylaw 6 takes its place).
  • Bylaw 26 is still current; it should be moved to another section of the bylaws.

Transitional provisions

  1. As soon as these by-laws are approved by the Assembly of Committers, a new Project Management Committee will be elected
  2. The initial Assembly of Committers consists of everyone having commit access to the official Apertium code repository at the time that these by-laws are adopted
  3. The official Apertium code repository at the time of adopting these bylaws was hosted in SourceForge

Proposed by: Jimregan (talk) Seconded by:

In detail[edit]



They are transitional and therefore without effect. If we draft a completely new set of bylaws then we would need a different set of transitional provisions. --Mlforcada (talk) 09:15, 30 January 2015 (CET)