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2010/03/20: Apertium membership in EAMT[edit]

Proposal passed.

Note: This decision was taken by the provisional PMC, but was upheld by the current PMC. This page serves to record the decision.


If Apertium has 110 euros in the accounts where mentors last year left their Google Summer of Code monies, I would propose that Apertium should sign up as a corporate member of the European Association for Machine Translation (, "corporate members" tag), of which I happen to be the secretary. In exchange, Apertium would have a profile in that web, which is mainly visited by researchers in EAMT, but not only. Currently the EAMT has about 8 corporate members, but only two profiles appear there.

By the way, European, Middle-Eastern and North-African MT researchers, developers or users may become members of EAMT. Students pay only €10 a year. This makes it very cheap to go to some MT conferences, for instance. The EAMT is a small association, and a good proportion of free/open-source advocates could be very helpful in the General Assembly, etc.

If not, I am ready to sign Apertium up out of my own pocket and accept donations from whoever thinks this is interesting.

The deadline to become a 2010 member is March 31, 2010.

Proposed by: mlforcada

Seconded by: fsanchez

In detail[edit]



  • It's my impression that we were all aware that this was an annual membership, though I don't see any reflection of that in the thread. Should we add a note here to that effect? Also, the price of membership has increased by five euros. I think that should be mentioned somewhere. -- Jimregan 15:47, 3 February 2012 (UTC)


Voting took place on the PMC mailing list; this page merely records the decision.