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Omorfi (Open Morphology of Finnish) is a computational morphology of Finnish written using HFST.


You will need HFST installed, you can follow the instructions on the HFST page.


The following commands will download and prepare the build for OMorFi.

$ git clone
$ cd omorfi/
$ ./
$ ./configure

In case does not work, do report a bug (autoreconf -i should work just as well in the meantime).


You need at least 1.5Gb RAM to compile Omorfi, or be willing to let your machine sit around trashing for some hours.

$ make

This will compile everything.

To prepare source code for new apertium language pair, use src/scripts/ or just copy one from an existing pair, such as apertium-fin-eng.


After compiling, you can test it with the hfst-lookup program.

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