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Documentation and TODO's for apertium-sme-nob's sme morphological analyser from Giellatekno.


The sme morphological analyser is a trimmed and tag-changed version of the one in Giellatekno.


Trimming happens using the same HFST method as in the Turkic pairs etc. Compounds are not handled correctly by this method.

Tagset changes[edit]

The tagset in apertium-sme-nob is closer to Apertium's tagset, thus a bit different from the one in Giellatekno.



  • add entries from bidix that are missing from the analyser
  • regex for URL's (don't want => *telefonkatalogen.nå)
  • regex for acronyms like "GsoC:as" (tokenisation dependent...)
  • 8632: SUBSTITUTE:TV_IV (V TV) (V IV) FAUXV (0 ("lávet")); -- this should be analysed as both, and disambiguated


I've seen "odda" many places ("ođđa"), can we just add these to the analyser? (Would be cool to have charlifter/Diacritic Restoration, but until then…)


lexc handles dashes by adding them literally (like a lemma), doing that in with a bidix pardef would be very messy (also, doesn't it give issues with lemma-matching in CG?).


Add simple multiwords and fixed expressions to the analyser.

  • dasa lassin => i tillegg (til det)
  • dán áigge => for tiden
  • mun ieš => meg selv
  • bures boahtin => velkommen
  • Buorre beaivi => God dag
  • leat guollebivddus => å fiske
  • maid ban dainna => hva i all verden
  • jagis jahkái => fra år til år
  • oaidnaleapmái => 'see you'
  • ovdamearkka => for eksempel
  • Mo manná? => Hvordan går det?
  • ja nu ain => og så videre

(Some of these MWE's might be very Apertium-specific, but in that case we just keep our own file and append the entries with

Also, oktavuohta.N.Sg.Loc turns into an mwe preposition in nob:

  • oktavuođas => i forbindelse med

it'd be a lot simpler for transfer to just analyse such a fixed expression as oktavuođas.Po in the first place.