Northern Sámi and Norwegian/anaphora

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There is some simple anaphora resolution in apertium-sme-nob. Most of this happens in t2x (the first interchunk stage).

  • A subject (or habitive) will set the variable "ana_gen" to its gender.
    • Additionally, if it is masc or fem, it sets the variable "ana_m_f" to its gender.
  • Any other adj, noun or verb chunk tagged GD (or having no gender tag) will use the previously set "ana_gen" gender.
    • If it is tagged "GD_pers", "ana_m_f" is used -- this is useful for words which are definitely animate, like son.


Nickel gives this example:

Anne muitalii, ahte son lea leamaš Norggas.

here son == Anne, thus feminine

Anne jearai, ahte mii dan namma lei?

here dan != Anne

We _could_ keep a second-to-last subject, but this might quickly get too complex. TODO: get more examples.