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Compounds in sme->nob come in many shapes, those ending in a nominal include eg.:

  • mielbargin ^miel<ShCmp><@←PPRED>$ ^bargat<V><TV><Der2><Actor><N><Ess>$
  • vuođđofága ^vuođđu<N><Sg><Nom><Cmp><@HNOUN>$ ^fága<N><Sg><Nom>$
  • allaskuvla ^allat<A><Attr><@→N>$ ^skuvla<N><Sg><Nom>$
  • politiijastašuvnna ^politiija<N><Sg><Nom><Cmp><@HNOUN>$ ^stašuvdna<N><Sg><Gen>$

We generalise some by using the nominal output macro "out_nom" that that takes the nominal and assumes that variable "pre-nom" is set to the preceding lexical unit(s). We still need four rules for the above:

  • <pattern-item n="cmp"><pattern-item n="verb">
  • <pattern-item n="cmp"><pattern-item n="nom">
  • <pattern-item n="adj"><pattern-item n="nom">
  • <pattern-item n="nom"><pattern-item n="nom">

Each rule sets the "pre-nom" variable to the first lu, and calls "out_nom".

The macro "out_nom" sets the case-prep, chunk gender/number, chunk syntactic label, and outputs

<chunk namefrom="c_name" case="caseFirstWord">
              <tag><lit-tag v="SN"/></tag>
              <tag><var n="c_syn"/><tag>
              <tag><var n="defnes"/></tag>
              <tag><clip pos="1" side="sl" part="mode"/></tag>
              <tag><var n="c_gen"/></tag>
              <tag><var n="c_nbr"/></tag>
              <tag><clip pos="1" side="tl" part="case"/></tag>
            <var n="pre-nom"/>
              <clip pos="1" side="tl" part="lemh"/>
              <clip pos="1" side="tl" part="a_nom"/>
              <clip pos="1" side="tl" part="gen"/>
              <clip pos="1" side="tl" part="nbr"/>
              <lit-tag v="3"/>                              <!-- turns into chunk defnes in postchunk -->
              <clip pos="1" side="tl" part="gen-case"/>
              <clip pos="1" side="tl" part="lemq"/>

(where pos="1" is the argument given to out_nom, ie. the nominal which becomes the second part of the chunk)