Northern Sámi and Norwegian/Commands

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The commands for Northern Sámi to Norwegian are listed here. The standard one is:

  • cat text.txt | apertium -d . sme-nob

The part -d . indicates that the command is given in the apertium-sme-nob catalogue, otherwise replace "." with a path to this catalogue.

In addition to the full mode sme-nob, there are several other modes. The string sme-nob above may be replaced by any of these, each one doing more of the translation.

  • sme-nob-morph
    • Files: sme-nob.automorf.hfst
    • FST, gives all the morphological readings
  • sme-nob-tagger
    • Files: sme-nob.mor.rlx.bin sme-nob.syn.rlx.bin
    • disambiguates and adds syntactic tags ("dis")
  • sme-nob-biltrans
    • Files: sme-nob.autobil.bin
    • translates disambiguated analyses from sme to nob
    • bidix apertium-sme-nob.sme-nob.dix
  • sme-nob-lex
    • Files: sme-nob.lex.bin
    • selects the right nob-analysis
    • lexical selection according to CG file sme-nob.lex
  • sme-nob-chunker
    • Files: apertium-sme-nob.sme-nob.t1x sme-nob.t1x.bin
  • sme-nob-interchunk1
    • Files: apertium-sme-nob.sme-nob.t2x sme-nob.t2x.bin
  • sme-nob-interchunk2
    • Files: apertium-sme-nob.sme-nob.t3x sme-nob.t3x.bin
  • sme-nob-postchunk
    • Files: apertium-sme-nob.sme-nob.t4x sme-nob.t4x.bin
  • sme-nob
    • Files: sme-nob.autogen.bin